"Lake Kununurra"

"Lake Kununurra", Kununurra, Western Australia

"Lake Kununurra is a long linear lake in the Ord River valley formed in 1963 by the construction of the Ord Diversion Dam in Kununurra northern Western Australia which was built to supply water to the Ord River Irrigation Area. Prior to the Diversion Dam construction a natural permanent waterhole held back by the Bandicoot Bar was known as ""Carlton Reach "" which was reputed to be the largest waterhole in the Kimberley. The lake stretches for 55km upstream from the Diversion Dam at towards the larger Lake Argyle dam at . At the town of Kununurra the lake is connected to Lily Creek Lagoon. It contains Fres and is widely used for recreational fishing and boating by the residents of Kununurra and tourists. Because of the stable water levels in Lake Kununurra and its associated wetlands it has well-developed fringing vegetation of grassland rushes and woodland. The wetland system of the two lakes and the lagoon forms the Lakes Argyle and Kununurra Ramsar Site." "DetailsDirectionsright next to town Intro

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