"Aberdeen Maritime Museum"

"Aberdeen Maritime Museum", Aberdeen

"Shiprow. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10.00AM-5.00PM Sunday 12.00PM-3.00PM. This museum rated five-star by the Scottish Tourist Board tells the story of Aberdeen's relationship with the sea from fishing to trade to North Sea oil. It offers an extraordinary insight into the mechanics and technology of ships and oil rigs Aberdeen's rich maritime history and the lives of some of the people who have worked offshore in the North Sea for the past 500 years. The newest part of the complex is a blue glass-fronted building on the cobbled Shiprow. Inside is a spiral walkway rising upwards around an eye-catching model of an oil rig. Connected to this structure are the much older buildings which take visitors through a series of castle-style corridors and staircases to reach the numerous room sets historical artefacts and scale models. If your time in Aberdeen is limited go and see this. There is so much to see and even the buildings themselves are worth a look. There is also a restaurant - slightly expensive but the food is pretty good. There are excellent views of the harbour from the top floor. The museum is closed on Mondays. Admission free." "DetailsPhone+44 1224 337700

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