"Ciao napoli aberdeen"

"Ciao napoli aberdeen", Aberdeen

"Relax and enjoy high quality cuisine and great service in the friendly Italian ambience at CIAO NAPOLI. Serving a wonderful combination of both modern and classic Italian dishes the broad menu offers something irresistible for everyone. WELCOME TO CIAO NAPOLI ITALIAN & NEAPOLITAN REASTAURANT Ciao and welcome to Ciao Napoli restaurant where you can try a truly Neapolitan and Mediterranean experience but firstly we would like to tell you a bit about our history because we believe you should know where our passion for food comes from. Peppe decided to become a chef at the age of 13 which was a surprise to everyone but there was something there in his blood so our mum decided to send him to the Italian Catering Institute near Rome. After years of intense studying and gaining valuable experience in restaurants along the Mediterranean coast he moved to Aberdeen. Nino spent time studying in Napoli where all the family is situated. It was here that he learnt to appreciate the joy food can bring to every occasion through big family meals. Our uncle went on to open a famous delicatessen near the tourist area in the harbour in Napoli where V.I.P’s regularly enjoy his speciality products and cooking. All of our family have great cooking skills Rosaria our mum is a great cook one uncle was the chef for the Italian royal family and another was a representative for an important food producer in Napoli and was great at sourcing good quality fish and meat. Nino was influenced by this passion and now selects all the produce person to give you the best quality. Food is a passion of ours it’s in our blood and has been passed through generations of our family and we can thank our mum Rosaria and father Franco for that. They handed down their passion and knowledge to us both and encouraged us to follow our dream and here we are today. We are a family restaurant so we hope you enjoy a Neapolitan family experience here at Ciao Napoli. Ciao Peppe & Nino Edit" "DetailsPhone+44 1224 213223

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